Welcome to Koonsquad! A fan blog dedicated to the one and only Lady Gaga.
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"I define my own fame. I define my own existence. I define my own identity. I define my own beauty for myself.”

"ARTPOP is an exchange between two artists, one from the sphere of pop, the other of art, that results in a true meeting of the minds, one where art is put in the front.”

Lady Gaga: Plague Of An Ancient City - 2009 by David LaChapelle

"Luxury propels vanity into dangerous places."

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hey guys! im looking for people to help me run this blog cause i just can’t do it all by myself. i need people who can use photoshop (obviously)

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so if you’re interested message me here or here

you can also submit some of your own (please don’t steal anyones work and try to pass it off as your own) stuff to me so i can check it out! thanks :)

Lady Gaga & Fernando Garibay working in the studio 2009/2011

Lady Gaga visits Polaroid @ MIT