We are the Koons squad and we're coming to town.
suddenly the koons is me
Pop culture was in Art now ART's in POP culture, in me!

hey guys! im looking for people to help me run this blog cause i just can’t do it all by myself. i need people who can

  • use photoshop
  • edit
  • gif
  • help me keep the blog updated daily

so if you’re interested message me here and here or submit some of your own stuff to me so i can check it out! :)

"Lay back, and feast as this audio guides you through new and exciting positions"

"I don’t think I could live without hair, makeup and styling, let alone be the performer I am. I am a glamour girl through and through. I believe in the glamorous life and I live one."

Baby loves to dance in the dark

Cuz when he’s lookinShe falls apart.

"What I’ve discovered is that in art, as in music, there’s a lot of truth-and then there’s a lie. The artist is essentially creating his work to make this lie a truth, but he slides it in amongst all the others. The tiny little lie is the moment I live for, my moment. It’s the moment that the audience falls in love."